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Tasha2ki Psychic Reader

As a young child I would be carried high above my bed and transported around the home. At the time the experience was frightening as I could not move or cry out. I could only watch. I had a strong feeling of being controlled by the higher energies and would often try very hard to avoid sleep. I was often found asleep on the staircase and then carried to my bed by my mother.

Years later and still feeling very different from others I began to have vivid dreams which would materialise the very next day or within the following weeks.  I did not understand the higher energy connection I was born with until many years later. I was drawn to the esoteric side of life before even realising where this would lead. Through the use of tarot cards I was successfully doing readings for friends and family as a hobby.

With the death of my grandfather I saw that I was gifted in seeing the departed as well as hearing their love. Through study and conviction to improve the strength of my gift I became a healer to others with my words and the love of helping others. Below is a list of tools and gifts I bring to you in a reading.

In private consultation I will need only your first name and the first names of anyone you are enquiring about.

If you wish to connect with a loved one who has passed I cannot guarantee that the person will always come forward. In my experience it is usually someone who has had a close connection with you and it may not always be the spirit that you had intended to connect with.

 Clairsentient / clairvoyant / clairaudient 
 Tarot / oracle / angel cards
 Pendulum (with time frames ) chakra diagnostics. 
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