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When Angels speak

Perhaps it's not a falicy that Angels can be seen. I should know. I have come face to face with one. Unfortunately I was too dumbstruck to utter a single syllable. I wasn't even in a deep state of meditation. Infact I was trying to get comfortable on the sofa. I was finding it almost impossible to sit cross-legged in tight jeans with a straight back.

After several attempts of huffing and puffing I decided to just sit any old how. Knowing that in order to truely experience the art of meditation one should sit with a straight back. Feeling comfortable now, with straight back I raised my hands and joined the relevant fingers in order to begin. I took a deep prolonged breath in through my nose. At this precise moment, a white bleaching light almost blinded me. Even with my eyes closed the light was extremely intense. I thought maybe someone was shining a huge torch to my face. Through the light appeared the most incredible azure blue eyes. Transfixed, I was in awe of the chrystal glistening blue. Their clearness reminiscent of a tropical shimmerring water. I remained still in apprehension of what or who was so intensly staring into my face with an abundance of love and care. I could just make out the contours of the face. It too was an ashen white soft glowing face of a slim woman. She closed her eyes as if to say 'yes'. As she did this, her face drifted back like a camera lens zooming out. I could see the feather whiteness of her wings. I followed the wing span to its iternity in the distance of a far away landscape. Her eyes once again opened and this time they were smiling eyes of understanding and comprehension of my awe. She raised her arms infront of my face, clasping each of her wrists. She smiled softly as she strengthened her own grip on each wrist and made a tugging movement. I watched intently. Words escaped me, thoughts escaped me. The next moment she was gone from my view and my world and all that remained was the room with the window and shades drawn. Nothing had changed. What had just happened?

I was excited and yet at the same time could not explain to myself what I had just seen. After almost half an hour of staring into space with my mouth hanging open. I got up off the sofa and went to do research on the internet. Typing in the word Angel on every search engine I could open. I found a painting depicting the Arch Angel Haniel. Bingo!

I had found what I was looking for. I had seen with my own eyes what I thought only 'crack-pot' preachers or 'special' people had preached about. I now believed that which I had never before deemed remotely believable. She spoke to me with only gestures and her eyes. She knew it was enough. She showed me courage with which to persue my dreams in the psychic profession I was beginning. To be strong and resolute when reading for people I had never met before. To know it was my calling and my gift. To know I had the gift and it was special.

It was my first week working as a psychic on Oranum and I was nervous of getting things wrong and being a failure, or worse a fraud. She came to me at the right time of my life and she didn't need words. She just needed to visit .

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