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The Journey of Soul Connection

When I look back over how it all started with a single meeting of two people all those years ago I remember every single detail, every look that told a story, every sensation and every minute we spent together. My life took a different path and so too did his life. We came from different backgrounds and we were just friends. Not lovers or intimate in any respect but just friends. From the moment we met I wished it could be more. I wished he had shown me something more but the insecurity that he was so much more and would never look twice at me put me back on the ground with just feeling grateful he was a friend. It was only after we had parted that I received his words on paper of how he had loved me and wished that I had seen this love he had for me. It was too late now, I had gone back to my life and he had returned to his.

This is how I met the 'twin flame' of my life. A person I have often thought about on many occasions with a passion and love. So much so that on the eve of my wedding I wandered to the end of my garden and felt the pain that I was about to say goodbye to a dream I had kept for over 15 years. I was about to marry a man that I knew was meant to change my life.

Being psychic and endowed with the empathic awareness of people, events and situations I am now fully aware of why my life took on such a fantastical turn of events that would lead me back in some way to reconnect with my twin flame after over 35 years. Everything that happens is not coincidence in our lives but a path we must follow to bring us back to the innocence of our youth. We are taken through a journey of love, anguish, hate and all that there is without this special person we once met. We are guided into new wisdom through self doubt, bullying renewals and happiness. We are armed with a dictionary of experience. Our souls go through the 'school of life'. The Karmic lessons and punishments of previous life times. Some of us have already in this life time been awarded the cirtificate of the 'reconditioned soul' and married our twin flames and are happy and content with life. Others like myself are in the midst of this arduous journey where the end never seems to appear. The cleansing of the lessons has begun.

The cleansing process of the lessons for me began after 2009. This too felt like the hard lessons but had the aspect of trying to change how I perceived life and people. This is why I know it was an immense cleansing. Situations with people that had been fraught with despair anguish and me not being able to be myself came out in ways that were no longer surreptitious but fully out there in the open for all to see and hear. The un-obvious became the obvious and the sweeping and 'putting up with' was no longer possible. I do not for one moment believe that my twin is oblivious to this as I know that each and every one of us is going through similar cleansing with almost identical scenarios.

'WHY? The reason is all too clear to me as I read for countless clients stuck in the predicament of this enormous cycle of washing out the soul. The reason is to re-align you with the other part of your soul that is also cleaned. Your twin flame. The part of you that always was but was not present. Think of twins born and the pain that is suffered by the other when one is hurt. The intuition about another calling you and then the phone will ring or you meet by chance that very day. Soul is energy and energy is connected by thought and feelings. This is amplified with the twin flame connection and the amplification is felt in the burden, pain and the highs of happiness too.

In order for the cleansing to be successful we will also need to be doing different, seeing different and ultimately feeling different. Our lifestyles are changing because our goals are shifting as we freshen up our focus on ourselves and what will make us a more confident and happy individuals. Some of us will have love come in to add a spark and shine to our energy once again. This is all part of the divine preparation to bring back to us the once lost soul connection of our twin flame. I know we will have a choice to be with or without them but when we do choose it will be a happy one because we are happy with what we have.

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