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Watching the clock.

The age old saying that waiting for something to happen is like watching paint dry. When ever we are excited in anticipation we tend to refer to our watches. We can't wait for the moment, the joy and the happiness. Even if we don't check the time, we are well aware of it. How is it that when laughter and joy fill are soul we are transported into the moment completely. We shed all knowledge of the day, the time and the seconds. We are grounded and focussed on the now. Because it is just too good to miss out on.

Have you ever, in the middle of your dream, stopped to check the time. Checked your calender for the date or known which year it is?. The only thing we are aware of in a dream is whether it is hot, cold, dry, night or day. That is because in a dream, we are in a different zone. A different realm and a different energy. I call this 'visiting the other side'. The place where many before us now exist in spirit. There we see and speak with our loved ones. Or sometimes, in my case argue with them. But one thing is sure. We do not know what time it is. We are not supposed to know these things.

Just knowing when some event will occur is a forerunner for our egos to get too involved and mess with our energies. Once this happens. We want to prepare or we want to change events and control them. By controlling events and feelings we unknowingly push them further away from us. We do this with fear, anxiety and anticipation.

Time in the spirit realm is nature. The natural evolving cycles of the seasons and what they bring. In a dream we can be climbing a snowy mountain, only to reach the summit and jump into a warm sea with sarrounding beach.

When I am consulting with a client and the inevitable question arises of 'when?'. I am aware that by giving a time frame, I am party to inviting the ego into the energy and possibly messing up an entire prediction. It doesn't mean that I refuse to give time frames but it can mean that the prediction given is not based on the time-frame given. The prediction will still occur as I have related to my client. But it is up to my client to make the choice of not watching the paint dry and to trust that their energy has to be in the right place at the right time for the event to take place.

Ironically, we are all synchronised to go through events in a serendipitous way. We have many tests to pass before we get there and patience is our biggest test if we are not grounded.

Paint dries quicker if you don't watch it. Everything in life moves quickley when we are unaware of the time it took.

Time flies when you are having fun. My advise to all is to try as one might to find just one ounce of fun in each day and forget the tick-tock of your ego.

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