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Blinded By The Light

Have you ever been so convinced of something in your head that when someone says to you the opposite, your wall of defense expands in a second? You become closed off to any other advice, tone or voice coming from that individual. If you are like me, you will go away and bury your head in the sand. Lick your wounds through anger and sadness. Only then will you process all the pros and cons of what has been said. Only then will you take off the blindfold of light that kept you in your own excited dream of the 'I know because I feel it'.

We have all been there at some point in our lives and this may occur more regularly if your mind has blinded you into believing in something that truly is not there. Your mind is the most powerful gift or weapon...depending on how you use it. It can convince you of a myriad of things. Be it that someone really loves you, or that they don't and never did.

How do we get to the truth of the matter if we don't allow ourselves to face facts and see a situation for what it really is?.

Processing the pros and cons is actually a healing method. Reality checks can be very grounding and allow an aspect of wisdom to reach the back of the mind. The strength will follow and allow us to heal from ourselves. Having a psychic reading is not just about wanting to know when this light you see in your mind is really going to shine in reality. It is a way of finding out whether this light is switched on at all. Some psychics will give a fact of the energy or light being turned off or on without delving deeper. They give a statement that cuts you like a knife.....a reality check. I know that you wont be revisiting that particular psychic again because they wounded your pride so much that you felt an innate dislike for them in a second. I have given hundreds of readings to people who have developed what I call 'thick skin'. A wall of protection that over the years of hurt, impatience and loneliness has thickened by their own judgement of how others hurt them. For them there is no going back, no forgiveness and sometimes no ability to understand what is being told in the reading. For these people there is a delay in reaching the happiness they truly desire.

If you have waited years for another to come out of a relationship to be with you. There comes a point when you convince yourself that this person will not make that change. They don't love you enough and they are weak. They caused you pain, heart ache and anguish. They are to blame for you wasting years of your life. All the negatives add up in your mind until the final negative is that they are not the one for you. This conclusion will possibly be re-instated the moment you meet someone else that you are attracted to and visa versa. You walk away from the former person, but your judgment of them is now pinned to their aura. They are labeled for life in your mind as the loser and you are the winner. The truth is you have won the prize of the barrier and restriction. The prize of guardedness and what I call the 'thick skin'. With that being said you now posses a reinforced defense wall of mistrust that in any new relationship is unseen but is there. It is there in your energy field denied by your mind and conviction of your words.

Sometimes my guides will ask you to be honest with yourself and your reply will reinforce all of the negatives you have experienced. This is not being honest with yourself. This is being honest about your wounds. Forgive people who unknowingly caused you impatience and sadness because your agenda was not aligned with their struggles. Bless them because they really are not to blame for the way you processed your pain. Know that you made a choice to judge them through your own anxiety of wanting what you wanted for so long and did not get in the time you wanted it or expected it. Be honest about how you used your thoughts. Was it a gift that helped you understand or did it become your weapon?

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